Gay Adoption It Will Bring Benefits

Gay Adoption: It Will Bring Benefits

On a Friday afternoon in the Baptist Medical Hospital delivery room, a young lady at the age of fifteen has just given birth to a six, pound eight oz. little boy. As she sits in her room recovering, she decides to hold her baby for one last time. The reason for this is that she has decided that putting her baby up for adoption would be the best thing for the child. This baby will never know his mother??™s touch or love and is at the mercy of anyone who??™s willing to pick up where this young mother left off. In Florida, there is one couple who have desperately been trying to bring a child into their hearts and home for about five years now by means of adoption. After having met the young girl while working at the hospital, they believe that this might be the one for them. Tragically, their application was denied- because they were a homosexual couple. Now this couple won??™t have the chance to give a child the home and love it deserves and now their dream come true will never happen and becoming a haunting memory unless something can be done for them and millions of homosexual couples like them.
As the population of the gay community continues to rise, so do the struggles which those gay couples have to endure in order to try to have a normal life. In Florida, as well as most other US states, one of those struggles which they have to endure is the illegality or bans that these states have placed on gay adoption. Not only do these couples have to put up with the discrimination they experience through churches and those who are against gays, but they also have to deal with laws which forbid them the rights which are taken for granted by those who have them and don??™t take advantage of these rights
The denial of adoption given to the homosexual couple is a result of a 33 year long and ongoing ban that has made adoption by homosexuals impossible. It began in 1977 with Florida placing a ban on adoption by gay couples. Since ???77, there have been many cases where people have challenged the ban in order to change it. In 1995, the Florida Supreme Court tried to fight the unconstitutionality of the ban but no change was seen. In 2005, an appeal on the ban was taken to the US Supreme Court, but they decided not to hear the appeal. Between 2009 and 2010 continuous court trials have been made to lift the ban, but as we are witnessing, a change is yet to be made. In order to see a change, one must support the fight to lift the ban on gay adoption.
As stated before, in ???95 the Florida Supreme Court tried to fight the unconstitutionality of the ban on gay adoption. Many people against gay adoption may not see how it is unconstitutional. However, according to the Equal Protection Clause, which is part of the fourteenth Amendment in the Constitution, it is stated that all states are prohibited from ???denying any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the law??? (Equal Protection: An Overview Par. 1). In short, what this is saying is that states cannot discriminate the people who are living in them. As we read this, along with hearing about the struggles which gay couples go through to adopt, it is clear to see how the ban would be considered unconstitutional. Not only is the ban unconstitutional and affects the lives of those gay couples who are desperately trying to adopt, along with affecting children in foster care.
As stated by Jo McGowan, when it comes to whether or not the ban on gay adoption should be lifted, or whether or not gay adoption should be legalized, we should think about the children. McGowan is a Christian woman who is a sister, mother, and aunt of adopted children. She fights against her church saying that their decision against gay adoption ???is an example of wrongheadedness and intransigence that would make the angels weep. It is a disgrace to all that the church stands for, and it is an indictment of all that we believe about the sanctity of life and the gift that every child represents??? (par. 4). Those against gay adoption must put their beliefs and disgust aside and see that the legalization of gay adoption would bring a great deal of change for the children who are living in foster care.
At the moment, since heterosexual couples are the only ones with rights to adopt, most choose to adopt babies rather than children older than 3 because they see it as adopting a younger child gives them the full experience of parenting. This is especially the case for parents who have had trouble conceiving. Since only babies are adopted from foster care, the older children are forced to stay there for years- that is, until they turn eighteen. At the time a child turns eighteen, that child has to be removed from the foster care because they have now reached a point that in the field is considered ???aging out.??? What this means is that since the child is now technically an adult, the government ceases to pay the foster care costs for that child leaving the home no choice but to ask the now eighteen year old to leave. Yearly, over 20,000 kids in America age out of foster care (Courtney Par. 1). These children are now out in an unknown world. They are unable to get a higher education due to lack of money. This lack of money in turn forces them to look for jobs, most of which only hire those who have higher education out of high school. Without a higher education, or a job, these children are unable to afford a place to stay, much less anything to get. Instead of being able to come home to two parents who, despite their sexual orientation, love them and care for them, these children have to endure the world alone.
As we continue to see the benefits of legalizing gay adoption, there are still many reasons as to why people are against the legalization of gay adoption. In Gary Glenn??™s article ???Gay and Lesbians should not be allowed to adopt??? he says that in legalizing adoption and allowing homosexuals to adopt, you put the child in danger of domestic violence, you put them in an environment which will turn them gay, and you put them at risk of mental illnesses. He says that a child in a gay home is subject to domestic violence because violence in gay couples is ???mathematically double the probability [of] that in a heterosexual couple??? (Glenn Par. 6).
Another thing that many take into consideration is the argument of Nature v. Nurture. People who are against gay adoption believe in nurture because they say that you are shaped by the things in your life. They believe that the way you are raised is what affects your decisions and that because of this, people who are gay become gay. Most people who think that gays have become gay through nurture say it is due to gay parents, boys playing with dolls, etc. (Nature vs. Nurture Par. 6).
While these are all valid reasons, there are still many things unsure about these reasons. When it comes to nurture, we have those who believe in the opposite, or Nature. What people who believe in Nature go by is that gays don??™t choose to be gay. They believe that people who are gay have a gene that makes them the way they are. A study done on twins who were raised in separate households showed that in more than fifty percent of cases such as these, when one twin admitted to being gay, the other twin identified as gay as well (Nature vs. Nature Par. 4). This leads people to the belief that the gay gene is more of a valid reason behind people who are gay compared to those who go by the Nurture beliefs.
To the people who believe as Glenn believes about gay couples turning a child gay, I say this. If that is the case, then how did those gay children originate If gay couples make gays, then how would gays have begun to appear An example of what I mean lies close to me. My grandparents were married about fifty years. Around the age of 20, their eldest son came out. If the people who raise you are the influence on your sexuality, how could two straight individuals have a son who is gay If a gay couple raises a child, who is to say this child won??™t be straight
Despite the beliefs you may have had before reading this paper, I hope you are now aware of the wrongs the bans on gay adoption are causing. I hope you now see that when it comes to decisions that should be made about gay adoption, the answer should be to change the ways that we are living by now. Not only is the illegality and banning of gay adoption unconstitutional, but it affects gay couples and children living in foster care. Gay adoption will not be a wrong. It can do nothing wrong. The legality of gay adoption only has benefits- the most important of which is the decrease which will be seen in the number of children that age out. If this paper has given you enough reasons to support the cause, you can begin by supporting the ACLU of Florida. Speak to your peers and gather those who agree on change and go speak to governors in your states. The change to make gay adoption legal depends on you, you and the many people in this state and across the nation can voice out the injustices committed and let that gay couple from the beginning of this paper finally take home a child and give it what his mother couldn??™t. Together, we can give a child an opportunity to get a higher education instead of facing a cold hard world alone and left to fend for themselves. Together, we can give couples the chance to be parents, and we can show the world, that America does not discriminate and all are created equal. And lastly, if my uncle ever wanted to give a child a chance at having a family and a future, as well as bringing me a cousin, he??™ll be able to and be the happiest man in the world, and I??™d have a new member of my family to love as well. Like I said, change depends on you, and now I leave you with a different perspective on things and hopefully educated on the issue, no I ask you this, what are you going to do