Gay Marriage

Focus: The effect of the text is to present a justification for gay behavior and gay marriage. The author supports his theory by claiming that gay sex holds the same religious divinity as normal sex.

Persuasive Intent: The purpose is to redefine gay life and to therefore justify gay life.

Entertainment value: The author uses an intellectual argument to illustrate that sex and human relationships are common to all people and should be treated equally.

Focus: The focus of the text is to say that gay sex is a holy sacrament.

Opening: Opening was direct and spelled out the main points of the argument.

Organization: The text is not highly organized in a logical fashion. The arguments presented do not bear logical validity and the disorganization tends to remove the reader from logical analysis.

Closing: The closing was rambling and would not be effective in changing the opinion of the reader; the reader would maintain the same opinion which was held before hearing the conclusion.

Transitions: Transitions were not solid and contributed to the disorganization of the presentation. The author is trying to present himself a brilliant but in truth is trying to baffle us with his bull shit.

Personal voice: I read the damned thing, I didn??™t hear it.

Creative: The text is creative in its poor logic. The author claims the divine nature of heterosexual marriage is derived from the differences between men and women. Next, the claim is made that homosexuals are different from heterosexuals; therefore, homosexual behavior holds the same divine nature as a heterosexual marriage. The author is taking the qualities of the whole and trying to apply them to the qualities of the individual parts; differences between men and women are not the same value as differences between heterosexuals and homosexuals.

Sound quality: These instructions do not apply and are not the real assignment. Maybe you should just skip over this B.S.


The author is making a very persuasive argument to validate homosexual behavior. We all, as humans, hold a fundamental need for validation of the main features of our lives and this applies especially to our mating behavior. It has served the purposes of the church to validate heterosexual marriage for many centuries as this helps preserve the order of our social structure, including families, and correspondingly keeps people in church where they can contribute money. There is nothing ???this century??? about homosexual conduct and the church has previously seen little value in validating it. The author is trying to change all that by claiming homosexual mating holds the same divine qualities as heterosexual mating.

See the section above on Creative.

The author is making an appeal on an emotional level as well by associating homosexual mating to religion as a whole; see conclusion of narrative.

On a personal note: The church has recently paid millions of dollars to compensate many men, who in their childhood were sexually abused by their priest. The compensation was for the life long emotional torment these men endured as a result of a homosexual seduction in early life. I can just imagine how one of the sexual deviants would be quick to claim to their victim that it was O.K. to be molested; the church has validated homosexual behavior.